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Dr. Shobana Sundaram, MD

Dr. Mary Targosz DNP, CPNP

  • According to the CDC, children do not seem to be at higher risk for getting serious illness from COVID-19. However, some people are, including:
    • Older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like: Heart disease,​ Diabetes, Lung disease, Suppressed immune systems
  • There is lot of media coverage of this topic. For reliable and latest guidelines please check out CDC website. LINK
  • ​For children specific information the following website has the most valuable information: LINK

  • We are not currently testing for COVID-19. Like all health care providers we are relying on government testing. If you suspect exposure to the virus due to recent travels or contact with infected persons, please call our office and we can give you directions on how to get your child self tested.

​Precautionary measures in our office:

  • When anyone calls to make appointments, we will be asking additional questions to screen you for exposure to COVID-19
  • To minimize exposure to our patients we are implementing following policy with immediate effect:
    • All patients are required to call ahead and schedule time for their visits.
    • We will not be accepting walk-ins. No exceptions
    • Furthermore we are segregating sick child visits and well child visits/physicals  for next few weeks as follows:
    • ​​​​If your child has a mild sickness, please try to stay home and manage. We can give you advise over phone or use Tele-medicine when needed.
    • If you feel your child is sick and needs to be seen, please make appointment and when you arrive for appointment, please stay in your car and give us a call from parking lot and we can get you directly to the  exam room when ready.
    • We appreciate your cooperation with these measures to keep our children safe.

  • ​​Guidelines on management and treatment of COVID-19 are constantly being updated by CDC and we will also adapt our approach as the guidelines as they are published.